Tidy up with kids

As we all know, the kids have a tendency to imitate their elders, whether they are their parents, sisters or brothers, so it is very important to give them a good example and teach them that, if they take care and tidy up their toys, school supplies, books or clothes, later, it will be easier find such things.

They will also learn to value and care for them and acquire routines that will be very useful in their future adult lives.

If you adapt a space for each thing, you can teach them that everything has its space and that is where, at the end of each activity, or time of the day that you decide, these things must be kept.

To get them to collect their things, easy and available space must be created for this purpose, so they could see that ordering is not a complicated thing, but a task that we must inculcate as part of a game.

We must also practice recycling and selecting what is broken or not longer useful, in this way we will not find us with a lot of toys that we will not know where to put and it will make the task of having everything organized, in the space that we have chosen, much more difficult.

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