What exactly does a professional space organizer do?

Do you think these two spaces are the same closet? Surely at first glance you have doubted, but I can assure you that they are. What you can surely clearly see are the differences.

I am going to explain step by step how with the work of a professional organizer you can achieve these differences.

  • I help you choose clothes, toys, objects, books, etc. of those that should be thrown away, all those things that we store many times for a long time without knowing why.

  • We decide exactly what we really need to have in that closet, room, garage or whatever space we are organizing.

  • I look for the most suitable tools to facilitate the job of having everything in place and at hand: organizing boxes, shelves, baskets, storage cubes.

  • And finally, we place in order of need, all the material we have chosen to keep, so those things we use every day or more frecuently can be found easily.

Would you like to try ?

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