Why hire a professional space organizer?

Everybody has at home that place where we are accumulating things that we no longer use but that we don’twant or don’t know how to throw away, in garages, attics, closets, but step by step are taking away space for the things that we really use and that eventually arrive to complicate our day to day due to lack of space or organization

Everybody knowns that in a house come in more things than they leave, so our house fills with articles that we no longer need or use : magazines, toys, clothes, shoes, accessories, books ... and a long etc. All of these things are no longer useful, but we decided to keep them just in case, just in case of what?

If we think about it carefully, is it worth keeping one thing for five, ten or even fifteen years in case we use it?, how many times? once, twice ... or never. The resulto f this, is that we don't have enough space for the things that we usually use or need every day.

Would'nt it be better to empty out cabinets, storage rooms, garages, shelves, of all those things that we never use and stay only what is useful, nice and practice?. Obviusly, the difficulty to get this is what causes the problem.

Right now is when professionals like me are providing solutions and guidelines to help everyone who needs a more comfortable and organized home!

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